Keel bolt repair

keel bolt repair To avoid a bolt head on the inner side of the keel guide, I replaced the 1" lags with 2 1/4" lags horizontally. Displacement is 12,000 pounds, with 4,400 pounds of ballast. This is done in one of two ways. 1 connection. 502 Mpi Computer Dyno 502 Motor Tested Replacement 454 6 Gen 8. When we removed them we realized that the keel would have fallen off if we hadn't replaced the bolts. T-H Marine RS-4-DP Replacement Skegs for Mercury and Mercruiser Stern Drives. Cost to repair this 25' sailboat - $15k Value of this sailboat in good condition - $2k Chainsaw rental $60. TWIN OUTBOARD MOTOR BRACKET. Keel Zinc Set for Lead I have seen an example of an alternative repair process on another boat with the same problem. Aug 02, 2009 · After an inspection of the remaining keel bolts, as well as of the remaining studs of the broken bolts, I decided to make a repair without removing the keel. This seat can accommodate seat bolt spacing of about 8 to 9 inches (measured front to rear, center to center). Using an oxyacetylene torch, cut a window in the keel to access a nut (similar to Figure 2), then drill a hole down from above for a threaded rod or bolt. Check for corroded screws and bolts on deck fittings. Remove the center floorboard, and raise the hull enough to allow the keel to be hung.

pdf Jun 22, 2006 · Ericson 30+ aft keel bolt I was moping up some water in my bilge with my wet/dry vac and decided to clean under an inspection plate for the aft keel bolt. Product Search. It is a solid, basic comfortable and seaworthy vessel, and constructed to the same standard as one would expect from almost any other vessel that came out of the Morgan yard. . 03. "This Old Keel". question is this - do I leave it alone, and in my final hull repairs glass over the exposed bolts and rest easy, or grind down the bolts, remove the keel and plug the holes and rest even more easy knowing that it won’t I think the function of the thick washer is to prevent the end of the screwed rod from damaging the inside of the keel-tube when the jack is raised and lowered and the threaded rod passes up and down inside the keel tube. Remove all worries of damaging your boat's keel with the heavy-duty keel guard from Megaware. All Videos » Wooden Boat Restoration & Repair . First, the keel is gone and the keel bolt holes (which are rather large) are open and flowing a lot of water into the hull. Use biaxial /chopped strand fiberglass and epoxy resin. Unless you have rust under the fairing. Cracked frames around the keel are a clear sign of excess movement Jun 22, 2006 · I believe that the bolts are a "J" shape cast in the keel, so that they probably cannot easily be pulled out. 3. Aug 02, 2017 · If a test bolt shows serious corrosion, you should replace all the bolts securing your keel.

The web's best place to buy OEM MasterCraft boat, Ilmor and Indmar engine parts and Accessories. We recommend using a 7" polisher (about 2000 RPM), with an 8" diameter, ½" thick foam sand- ing pad attached. Following that I would replace the ply around the entire case and glass over. Replacing the 33 keel bolts was a huge job, which we did ourselves. Most of the original bolts are corroded and 5 or 6 added are not confirmed to have been installed correctly. Stress cracks from the pair of bolts holes after the leading single keel bolt. 2 Keel-head Apr 05, 2011 · Sculpin - I would be surprised if the cracks are because the keel bolts have loosened. (2) Cracks at ends Aged ships which constructed with rivet not weld. The Keel Bolt Replacement Process . The extra plugging and patching repair kits are Loosen and remove keel nuts. Surveyor reports only one keel bolt leaking. (You’ll need a properly functioning keel winch to lower your keel. External damage to the hull : More external damage: Internally the keel bolts need to be removed and damage repaired: The damaged heel of the keel: More keel damage: The finished repaired keel & hull re-attached & waiting for anti-foul L-Codes for our complete line of Kingsley Feet L-5971 SACH (Repair code only) L-5972 STEN Flexible Keel Dynamic L-5976 Steplite and ES220 Dynamic Foot L-5970 Beachcomber Exposed Keel KINGSLEY SPECIAL PART NUMBERS: (Add as a second part number along with any SACH foot being ordered) Sturdy Toe Reinforcement: Add K20STURDY - (Increases weight rove (for end of bolt); 6: stopwater (to cover joint, fastened into matching groove by eight nails). Jun 07, 2012 · The keel is bolted right up against the canoe body of the hull, and the joint always moves a bit there, with rust resulting. It might be a psrt of the problem but not the major reason.

Aug 02, 2017 · The definitive repair is to drop the keel, check the bolts, perfect the mating surface and reattach on a fresh sealant bed. Because of the length of the repair, the template consisted of two pieces. The KeelShield Keel Protector kit comes ready to install with the strongest, thickest 3M marine adhesive available, and guards your boat's keel against damage from sand, rocks, and concrete ramps. 625" diameter rim holes on trailer wheels. a. It is strongly recommended that a professional fiberglass boat repair facility be contacted to close the outdrive cutout and / or repair or replace any rotten wood found in the transom. Inspect it, and if you need to replace it or beef it up, here's how. the keel running rigging. Mar 25, 2020 · The Swing keel version adopts an appendage configuration without compromise between draft and performance. Dec 18, 2013 · Refit Dufour 35 - Cleaning Inside and Finding Keel bolts - Duration: 2:45. This can result in the material being stretched. Plus you could still have broken bolts buried in the keel casting. Unfortunately, it was also resting on two wood blocks, and the whole boat weighs over 10,000 lb. INSTALLING KEEL -- JAVELIN ONLY You will need help for this job. If your bolts are in good condition consider just sticking with them.

The u-bolt has an inside width of 2-1/8" and length of 2". Check the keel bolts under the removable sole board. Seeing no additional issues, I replaced the screws and added lock washers. The aluminum particles contained in the epoxy will adhere to the cracked part, creating a permanent bond that will hold up in most situations. Using a torque wrench, you need to torque each bolt to the manufactures specification. crossmember pad keel roll/ kit (2x2 ) keel pad kit for 3x3 crossmember. Keel repair may become necessary from many sources of damage such as groundings, keel bolt corrosion, actual lead keel corrosion problems on the surface and internally within the casting. Phosphor bronze works well, but it is not ideal when being cold worked or welded (say, for large fastenings or drifts). In 1996 I dropped the keel, cleaned the keel top and keel sump, replaced the bolts(3 were bent), and reseated the keel. They cut into the side the lead keel at the problem bolt head level and--as I recall--replaced one bolt (or just pushed it back in) and poured some lead around it--or epoxy. Dry Fit Tim Barker. Sep 03, 2014 · The keel weighs 500 pounds… The bolts that were holding the winch and upper board were galvanized carriage bolts. There is a good description of the method in Chapter 29 of “The Gougeon Bros on Boat Mar 21, 2020 · The choice of keel bolt material is generaly a small issue, and a personal choice, 316 stainless is subject to crevis coronation but doesn't rust much, mild steel is arguably a stronger choice, but does need coating in a bedding material and the exposed ends need paint, both work well and are stronger than the hull they are bolted on to, both owner Keelco February 1970 – Present 49 years 10 months. Remove. Fortunately all the keel threaded sockets were all in great shape.

Additionally, the Skeggard installation is easy and quick, without any welding it secures into place with only two screws. We explore a broad range of practical approaches to wooden boat restoration and repair. I've already done a bit of homework on the subject but after talking to the local Beneteau dealer I've gotten some conflicting opinions on how to handle the issues. Any comments? Dec 29, 2014 · Hi all, Ive got a tracker 7. There's doing things the correct, effective way, and there's doing things the insanely expensive, difficult way. Keel Bolt Replacement: The best, strongest and safest method of keel bolt replacement is done by Mars Metals and a few others. info Finding a leaking keel bolt on sailboats requires that the bilge or keel sump be mopped perfectly dry so that the very first drop of water welling up from under a backing plate or, worse, from a crack can be positively identified. Mar 14, 2010 · I think I posted this on the wrong forum last night; I am having the keel dropped and rebedded on my Westerly Ocean 33. The PVC material is only 1/32” thick and comes in 2”, 3” and 4” widths. See full list on diy-wood-boat. In order to check the keel bolts, the keel is removed. The Catalina 34 MkII is as well listed, on Boat-Specs. Jeanneau Sailboat, Power Boats, Yachts, Trimarans and Bali Catamarans. This type of work also enhances the value of these very popular boats and improves their saleabilty. Next, I slowly lowered the keel.

The structure was repaired in line with the specifications, in close contact with the original yachtbuilder. And often the keel wont have rusted evenly there will be sound areas surrounded by pits. By that I mean loosen each nut on the inside one by one, then lubricate the thread and re tension to the recommended torque for that diameter thread. Home Full Keel Marine - North Kingstown North Kingstown, RI (401) 584-BOAT (401) 584-2628 3 Esmond Ave. 53° W Oct 16, 2017 · I am not exactly sure on your specific boat, but most keels these days have J shaped bolts and the lead/steel is then poured around them. Jun 26, 2009 · The bolt totally corroded off between the two nuts The ring was on what I think is the most forward keel bolt- the one in the deep part of the bilge. My boat is the T38, 1978 model, hull #88. 0 Swing Keel model Hull #63) did to repair the broken keel lifting screw mechanism on his F210 (plus comments from a Rod Forman and Jay Harrell regarding the repair and swing keel lifting apparatus in general): Bolts & Nuts One of the basic components of any construction job, from a simple repair to a full large-scale build, the importance of using the proper bolts cannot be overstated. If anyone can help, I would love to try your setup. 7. The bilge keel models (called twin-keel in some brochures) draw 4 feet, 1 inch. The keel will then be cleaned and shot-blasted for rust removal, then primed and anti-fouled. I went to losen the bolts; there are two bolts in the port & starboard keel bushings - four bolts total. A watertight joint between the keel and the hull is necessary to prevent crevice corrosion of the keel bolts. 68 Air-dried white oak is selected for the keel and one-piece ribs are steamed and formed.

I want to recess the carriage bolt heads in the bottom of the keel. Boats ranging from 18′ to 21′ at a 5200# GVWR up to 7000# GVWR H/D TANDEM AXLE Boats ranging from 22′ to 31′ 8600/9800# GVWR ALL TRAILERS COME WITH […] KEEL ROLLER BRACKETS: Adjustable offset brackets mount on tongue to hold roller for keel support. Bookmark the permalink. Dec 15, 2009 · A bolt-on keel is easier to repair in the case of damage from grounding compared to an encapsulated keel. Then you would need a tap and die set. The fin is a relatively modern fin type design, deep but not too long, drawing 4’, connected to the hull by five bolts, and providing a very respectable ballast-to-displacement ratio of 41%. A minimal amount of care in storage and transporting will help the kayak maintain a like-new condition for many years. Bob Parks. of nuts and bolts. Below is a detailed guideline on how to repair the transom on your boat. -Lowering the seat with a longer bolt and spacer gives you a bit more wiggle room on that. Tighten the nut to the correct torque setting and at the same time check the torque on the remaining keel bolts as they should have been checked when the boat had sailed for its first season. Kit Description The KeelOver attaches directly to any roof rack for a quick, tool-free assembly, right out of the box. If it's dry inside, then all you have to do is plug the hole and repair the smile. JWS Marine Services has earned an excellent reputation for performing boat fibreglass repair and fabrication.

On the trailer this can be done very easily. On this type of oat the keel can be repaired. 2)pocketing in new keel bolt. Mars Metal, the maker of most lead keels in North America offers a complete description of their comprehensive keel bolt repair process on its website. A cheap place to get the bolts is "Herbs fasteners" just off Lyle ave in Rochester. make the new keel bolt 2 to three times stronger than the new old keel I can travel to anywhere and repair the keel at the boat yard. Get the old studs out, clean up the threaded holes if possible with a bottoming tap and install new studs. Dec 02, 2011 · 2. Jan 31, 2018 · An iron keel is simple to repair - I've done it on a 10,000 Lb. Rob. I would use the Universal Roller Brackets, # MBSPB, that you mentioned along with a 8 inch Long Keel Roller, # DL21712, a 5/8 inch Steel Shaft, and two pal nuts # CE10801. 03 $ 32. Starting at the front of the boat, raise the keel roller until it touches the bottom of the keel. After the repair was done, on the mooring with the keel up she takes in a few litres of water, with the keel down after 1 day she has 8" of water above the floor . MarsKeel Technology has the expertise and 35 years of corrective experience to handle all of the above issues and more.

Enjoy great priced products with fast shipping. Make sure you have top of the line, marine grade fasteners when building or working on your boat. If all bolts are OK. Hatch gaskets and hold down dogs. We offer quality boat and yacht services in Wickford and Wakefield, Rhode Island. 5200 will work just fine, assuming it is the adhesive and not the substrate that is failing. You'll also notice that I painted the fenders blue to match the bunk boards, keel guides, and, eventually the rest of the trim and striping on the boat. The prior owner had done a huge amount of work on her in the past 3 or 4 years, but there's a lot of work left to do. Insurance company and its surveyor have taken the damage very seriously to my pleasant surprise. It replaces the Mylar gasket completely and is maintenance free. This high-strength brazing rod allows you to repair or fabricate aluminum stronger than a TIG welding machine, without the machine. Smith 210 4 in. (Bristol Marine has developed a slick repair that involves drilling a hole coaxial with the keel bolts, and replacing the putty removed with a fiberglass compression post. Use locking pliers on J-nuts so they won't spin and simply break the bolt and discard. This was taken after removing the fiberglass "tape" that goes around the keel/hull joint, There was a considerable amount of water trickling down while… Jul 28, 2020 · It’s impossible for a surveyor to check keel bolts visually with any certainty since, as Bill from Mars Metals tells me, the wasting of bolts often is in the form of waisting in the joint between the keel and hull, so there can be a big problem even when the stud heads and nuts or bolt heads inside the boat don’t look too bad.

The nuts are 36mm and any advice would be Aug 20, 2003 · I-36 Maintenance & Improvements : This page is your gateway to lots of information about the care and maintenance of major components of the Islander 36, and includes enhancements, gadgets and other useful ideas. As the laying down of the keel is the initial step in the construction of a ship, in British and American shipbuilding traditions the construction is dated from this event. My current company Keelbolts Inspection& Repair sisters in new keel bolts on This will give a solid repair and roughly 8 – 10 mm of glass on the bottom of the keel. The Keel had not been maintained in who knows how many years, and I thought that I would lower it to take a look and fix it up a bit. Systematically grease the total length of the tread with a marine grease (4) (Motul LC 300 or similar). When filling afterward, do it in several stages so the resin doesn't overheat. So, as part of your winter lay up sailboat people, why not give your keel bolts a look and see if they duplicate what you see above. 1)Sistering in new keel bolts. Alan Cartwright Sheathed plywood coachroof deck which requires repair. On some sailboats, it may have a hydrodynamic and counterbalancing purpose, as well. Put some waterproof grease on the stainless bushing. I removed the entire keel hanger assembly to inspect for any additional issues. They were badly rusted and tossed. All of this is dependent on your trailer having and 8 inch area that the brackets can be installed in and adjusted for the roller to contact the keel of the boat. 13-1B.

Title: Replacing Swing Keel Lifting Mechanism Author: Terry F. One called this the "catalina fix. The Repair-Type Bolt is a rocket part lost by the S. Hold the new roller between the two sides of the panel bracket and push the roller spindle into the roller as far as possible. They come in six general variations: full, fin, bulb, wing, centerboard, and canting. Sunfish, Drascombe Lugger, O'Day Daysailer, Penobscot 14. I checked with a couple surveyors and all said that the only way to gauge the condition of the keel bolts is to drop the keel. Step 9. Keel repaired and finished with ablative anti-fouling paint. His boat is Core'ngrato. On some craft the first bolt and the aft stud are a smaller gauge, to reduce the chance of splitting the casting. Your tow eye takes a lot of stress. Is there Boat Trailer 1-3/4" Bunk Slick Kit Features: Bolts directly onto carpeted bunk boards Fits 2x4 standard bunk boards Slide on or off with less effort Easy to install 8 Pieces 1 3/4" X 17" Bunk Slicks Installation Instructions for #86170 Island Falls Canoe was pleased to be contracted by Old Town recently to build their iconic wooden canoes. Swing Keel Lifting Line Maintenance, or the $10 Hour. (Will not work on straight crossbars).

Easily installed with peel and stick 3M pressure-sensitive adhesive, the 5" wide protective strip goes on in a snap protecting your boat for years to come. If yours needs work, fix it before you attempt to lower the keel out of the boat. It probably slows us down just a little bit when sailing but it has also saved a lot of damage to the boat. Proceed with the bolt repair or replacement as required. Herbs Fastener and Supply, Rochester NY 14606 Cracked aluminum can be adequately repaired without welding using an epoxy embedded with aluminum. most keel guards are held on with 3M VHB tape. The worst ones were near the prop shafts. $16. 37 List List Price $31. With the keel removed from the hull, the LM crew begins inspecting the keel, keel bolts, and bulb for signs of corrosion and damage. LM28 insurance repairs following extensive storm damage; Maurice Griffiths storm damage Mar 15, 2016 · Leaking keel bolts are a sure sign that all is not well, particularly with stainless steel. Offset is 1". Featuring a full line of brakes and running gear, lights, winches, rollers, and brackets designed to fit boat trailers from many manufacturers. Lift the boat, or lower the keel the rest of the way. I had a company called Keelco and made many of the Islander keels.

This keel mounting is extremely strong. Use 1/2" plywood, cut to size. After taking my "69 v-21 out of the water at the end of the season, I decided to remove the swing keel in order to repair its gashes and cracks (which definately slowed me down and contributed to my frequent inability to get through a tack). And don’t forget the bottom of that rusty keel and remember to replace the bungs covering the keel bolts. Based on a slow leak around a keel bolt and small movement of the keel, I decided to drop the keel. I hope that you find the information useful. Repairing the transom is not that difficult if you have the right tools and equipment. You may well also be interested in the main site for 2 1/4"x2" hex head bolts with nuts and washers; How to Repair Fiberglass. 5. See pages 108-123 for pontoon kits and other options. Once the side work got to be almost full time, Joe opened… Sep 04, 2017 · Keel Bolt Torque and Leak Repair. They were laminated into the keel, and put through the outer hull, the matrix, and a steel washer, and then secured with nuts. This is given 24 hours to cure, and then another stiffer mix of the L & L Resin/sawdust is pumped/packed in to the fill point. 5" by 13/16" Made in USA. 1 Typical fiberglass boat construction 1 1 2 WEST SYSTEM Epoxy for fiberglass repair 4 2 Repairing Minor Cracks and Holes 2 1 Minor crack and abrasion repair 6 Replacing a keel on a Falcon is a lot quicker than a topless, especially the newer toplesses that have stacks of parts on every bolt and extra internal wires going everywhere.

Go to the hardware store and get a long bolt to use in place of the L-Pin 6" L X 1/4" Diameter with a 1/4" Lock Nut. 4. No welding aluminum needed! All you need to repair any metal stronger than new is a heat source (propane or mapp gas), a turbo tip, or oxy-acetylene, and our material. com, in Fin keel and Tall rig version (see all the versions compared). 20. Made of heavy 3/16" x 1 1/2" bar stock. 15 in 2) New keel cable bolt. • The bolts are removed through one side of the keel. Oct 25, 2017 · The most problematic type of bolt on is where the keel bolts are actually cast into the keel during manufacture. Make sure you've drilled out any paint/fairing/rust that might be into the bolt hole first! Make sure you've got the right washers for the keel bolt! You'll be tempted, but don't try to 'pry' the keel up from inside through the mounting whole while trying to get it to align. Painted studs and nuts may be a sign of good maintenance but could also be an attempt to hide something. What is the technology of the repairs resealing keel bolts area inside the boat ? What is the construction of the Bavaria 37, 2007 hull in keel bolt area ? Keel bolt repairs on some boats is difficult due to the bolts being "J" bolts molded into the lead. Quality is everywhere, down to the brass screws and stainless-steel bolts. Axle, H-545UHI-B in the Trailer Wheel Bearings category at Tractor Supply Co 34" x 10" overall. 07100.

Oct 30, 2019 · I have a problem with my boat taking water,I have had 2 bolts repaired inside the centre board casing. (I have found Screwfix's stainless 'Turboscrews' ideal for use in GRP and salt water. There is a retro fit available to repair the connection of the lifting cable to the swing keel. I got my 3 ton jack under the keel and unscrewed the two remaining port side bolts. 5m, 7m, 840, Sparta and 9m, of which the 24 was the most popular with over 600 produced. The stress cracks from the forward keel bolt hole after we ground back the gelcoat. The key to quality marine fibreglass work is preparation and quality materials. Factory recommendations for keel bolt replacement - windowing and sister-bolt methods-Bijou's keel bolts were replaced using the windowing method. 2 Mercruiser Replacement Motor Efi Computer 454 Gen 6 Dyno Tested - $4,395. Apr 01, 2020 · The Wing keel version is offered with a short keel fitted with large winglets. With over 22 years of marine fibreglass experience, we produce consistent high quality work. . k. ) Use a good quality torque wrench that comes with a calibration certificate, not one of those silly bendy beam things you see distressingly often around boats and boatyards. Jan 02, 2019 · The MacGregor 26 evolved after the Venture 22 and the MacGregor 25, which had been built from 1973 to about 1987.

thatsmethistime 9,887 views. A metal keel gasket is also approved for use. this minimizes much of the work described above. Generally speaking, keel cracks happen due to the lever arm loads the keel applied to the keel boss/keel joint when heeling and pounding into the weather. 17. using a torque wrench. , a length of round bar stock) is required to punch the bolt all the way out of the keel. Re: Keel Bolt Anchor Repair « Reply #38 on: September 09, 2011, 10:32:48 AM » I talked to a sales support engineer at HeliCoil (Robin) who told me that there should be no problem whatever installing a HeliCoil in the plastic keel guide plate (I take it to be some kind of nylon). My best guess is to reposition the pin where it supposed to be (that will be a challenge), cut out the false floor underneath the bolt, so that I can then expoxy layer upon layer of glass around the bolt, from the floor up. A longer keel with external lead ballast attached to a substantial stub that is an integral part of the hull absorbs groundings well. Browse 12m 6x 24v Sealed available for buying right now on the internet. Details; SKU: 7778164: Brand: Palmetto State Armory: RE: Missing Anchor Bolt Repair msquared48 (Structural) 26 Mar 13 18:09 Another wayout of the box concept - cap the whole pile cap with steel plate extended over the sides and after set bolt the verticl plate to the side of the cap. Make sure that all the bilges are dry, all rot removed and the keel bolts loosened so that there is a gap between the keel and the hull. Keelbolts Repair owner at Keel Bolt Inspection and Repair United States Maritime. CATERPILLAR 3406, 3406B, 3406C, 3406E key engine specs and bolt torques and manuals at Barrington Diesel Club.

The RED is representing the aluminum sheet going OVER the existing keel and sealing with lots of 5200 and about 30 rivets or bolts using the existing 30 or so rivet holes in the repair area of the keel by knocking the old ones out. For lighter craft the HL1100 and HL1600 include four non-scratch cradles and two keel protectors. For more than 65 years, Walter Keel Coolers have proven to be the most dependable, trouble-free and economical form of marine engine cooling; their rugged design and longevity are demonstrated through decades of service on US Navy vessels, US Coast Guard vessels, workboats, fishing boats, ferry boats, tug boats and pleasure yachts throughout the world. To preserve crashworthiness, repairs to seat structure are limited to replacement of damaged components only. Buy KIT PIVOT BOLT REPAIR from Shop STERIS. The rest of the bolt and nut are still attached to the other side of the CI flange. We have the largest range of quality historical, tall, pirate and cruise ships, fishing and sail boats model, and yacht kits in the US Apr 10, 2012 · Usually the 3/4 or 1 inch long bolts are fine to work with. Carpeted aluminum V-bunks are standard on the HL8000 and HL10,000. The hull and most of the keel were molded in one piece, but a section running from the aft end of the external ballast diagonally upwards to the upper rudder gudgeon was molded separately and fiberglassed in place Wholesale Trailer Supplies : MARINE ROLLERS & BOW GUARDS - Axle Parts and Hardware Brake Actuating Systems - RV Brake Assemblies (RV brakes) Hardware for Trailers Jacks, Couplers and Winches Locks and Security for Trailers Lights and Electrical Wire Suspensions Tires and Wheels for Trailers Towing Accessories Landscape Trailer Accessories Hubs and Drums for Trailers Miscellaneous Toolboxes for Keel bolts are prone to pitting and crevice corrosion if exposed to seawater. Sutures will now be exiting Rear Wheel Cylinder Adjust Bolt Repair Kit For Npr Nqr/4hk1 8973497420 , Find Complete Details about Rear Wheel Cylinder Adjust Bolt Repair Kit For Npr Nqr/4hk1 8973497420,Wheel Cylinder Adjust Bolt,Wheel Cylinder Repair Kit,Brake Wheel Cylinder Repair Kit from Auto Brake Assembly Supplier or Manufacturer-Guangzhou Kuso Technology Co. While this is simple enough, I have not seen the stud as of yet and will identify the thread likely this afternoon. a. Floor timber install (repair) 2008: general repairs to engine, including belts, filters, impeller, electrics 2009: Boat cover, by Starbuck Canvas Works May 19, 2008 · The Catalina 30 sailboat is a typical, fairly light displacement design with a fin keel and a displacement of 10,200 lbs which exceeds the displacement of my boat that comes in at 8,500 lbs. Ask The Experts - Painting Keel - Duration: 2:33. If you’re looking for steel track undercarriage parts for your heavy construction equipment you’ve come to the right place.

As the first patented keel guard in the industry, KeelGuard has given boaters peace of mind by protecting their vessels for decades. Lay fiberglass cloth over the hull so the weave is at an angle to the keel A sagging wooden gate is a nuisance at best, and can, at some point, become impossible to open. If you are new to your boat, may I strongly suggest that you check this. For those bolts which you can actually withdraw to check, the cost of the work is high. auto-style2 { margin-top: 1px; margin-bottom: 1px; } . Simply crank up the winch tight, loosen the pivot bolt, remove the nut and lightly hammer in the new bolt from the other side. 000 Adhesive Sealant These keel roller are typically mounted into brackets and bolt or u bolt to the trailers crossmembers. Some drilling to the crossbar may be required for mounting. Seepage of salt water by the keel bolts means the seal between the hull and the keel has been compromised, failed, or the bolts have loosened or are Replacement trailer parts to repair and maintain your boat or utility trailer such as bearings, springs, axles, hubs, winches, lights, jacks, coupler, and more at Champion Trailer Parts and Supply. Dec 07, 2015 · A pro repair of this type would certainly exceed $10,000. Jun 13, 2008 · Company owner Herschel Payne said the keel was reattached properly but that he did not particularly care for the bolt arrangement or the interior supporting structure of the 38-foot racing boat. Lift vessel free of keel. Finally, the crew cleaned the old sealant off the surfaces of the keel stub and the keel, and the repair work got under way. It may work or it may not, that will depemd on whether there is any movement in the keel. Select Ash stock is 1.

Gene, owner of Port Gardner Sailboats sent me 3 1" bronze bushings that were placed in the pivot hole, held in by Marine Tex epoxy. Galley Repair Housekeeping Plumbing Keel Bolt Retrofit Kit C-22, C-25, C-27 . Beneteau Keel Bolts • Iron Keel Rust/Treatment First 235 MARS Lead Fin Keel for Hull #235 • First 235 Beiley Lead Fin Keel Mk III First 235 Blister Repair Fix Repair Putty 3 oz. The weeping aft keel bolt was dealt with by grinding away the chop material around the keel bolt and rebuilding that area with fiberglass and epoxy. The keel was temporarily supported by a piece of channel steel ( 6' long placed across the top of the keel and bolted through the bolt holes nearest the fore and aft center of gravity and at right angles to the keel, so the keel could be held in a vertical position. 2 x 4 Plastic Bunk Covers. Then I just traced the shape of the keel onto the template, removed the template from the boat, rough cut the curve with a bandsaw and planed to the line. Dry Fit. Then tighten up the keel bolts a few days later. If you are going to patch make sure you get all that rust out of the pits before over coating. The keel bolts have suffered some serious corrosion This keel bolt has almost completely rusted through; a life-threatening situation! The keel is given new stainless steel keel bolts and is ready to be reassembled. A pro repair of this type would certainly exceed $10,000. Keel Repair Keel repair can be the result many issues such as groundings , keel bolt corrosion, actual lead keel corrosion problems on the surface and internally within the casting. Jan 16, 2015 · Loose keel bolts are an obvious defect and, if they can be tightened, it probably means that the ballast keel has started to part company from the hull possibly due to an undeclared grounding. iron keel.

© 2020 Magic Tilt Trailers. My C 30 had the smile. Lift vessel off of keel, driving wedges in to joint to force keel from stub. GMT Marine is the sole authorised importer and distributor of Megaware Keelguard products for the UK. S. Aug 20, 2007 · In the bilge, use the same SS stock to make backing plates but make them wider (3×5 inches), and place them athwartships, doubling them up (2) at each bolt. Jan 18, 2016 · TANDEM AXLE Each LOADMASTER trailer is designed to fit a specific manufacturer’s hull design and to provide exact load distribution using top quality materials and parts. Purchase part number P764333206 and other STERIS products online. com (800) 628-1819 Email Us Main Menu Today my rusty keel nuts and flat washers are being replaced with stainless steel ones. 3)melting out bad old keel bolts, and welding in new bolts. Firstly, fairing back a bent or dented bolt-on lead keel is easier than fiberglass repair on an encapsulated keel. In this particular case a Bavaria 38 Ocean had run aground, with serious damage as a result. Powerboats with stern drives most commonly suffer from leaks originating at the U-joint or the bellows. The keels would obviously have to come out. ShoreLand'r formed crossbar pad is a 17" long black plastic pad that can be mounted on most 3" wide formed or drop center crossbars to help protect the keel of your boat.

This makes for a strong bolt, but very difficult to replace. Using a plastic or wooden mallet, or tapping with a hammer and a scrap of wood, tap the SkegGuard into place over the old skeg and check everything for a proper fit. 000 Keel Bolt Middle w/ Washer & Locknut. I would also replace the main pivot bolt on the keel. Amazon's Choice for skeg repair kit. The first thing I addressed was the keel-bolt pivot hole. Jun 17, 2020 · (Although we call them “keel bolts”, in most cases, with the exception of some cast iron keels, the fastenings are studs made of threaded rod, not bolts. Also deck/hull detail drawing on Clipper series. 63 List List Price $249. ) Boat trailer repair parts to get your boat trailer ready for that trip to the water. Also look for ‘tea-stains’ around the fastenings, a sure sign of water ingress. Duane Orsbon 15,310 views. Since 1968, West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist. 502 Mpi 8. Jul 20, 2018 · This method was used to attach the bolts for both the ballast and hull attachment to the box keel.

← The keel was secured to the hull by ten bolts; nine of them 24mm in diameter and one 14mm. After drilling and tapping the holes, the rod is cut to length as needed for the installation of five studs between the old keel bolts. Some boats aren't built heavily enough in the bow stem area where the towing eye is located. They are the following: 1 Weld in new keel bolts, 2 drill and tap in new keel bolts 3 pocket in new keel bolts 4 lag in new keel bolts 5 goop on a lot of fiber glass on out side of keel and hull 6 replace the nuts . View Keelbolts Repair’s full profile. However, I need to through drill from the top end (the bedlogs) which will have the washer and nuts. The keel bottom was cracked and chipped and had the remains of a coral reef stuck to it. Features: 3/8" diameter mounting holes allows for easy vertical adjustment accepts 1/2" roller shaft or bolt may be used with 2" and 3" wide tongues 4" or 5" Jul 27, 2014 · The keel bolts on the fin keel were not originally stainless steel and were prone to rusting, but stainless steel was used in later models. Step 3 – Adjusting the Boat Trailer Bunks Hoosier Pontoon Boat Trailer bunk bracket kit comes equipped with the u-bolt and lock nuts. These bilge plates are set 6 inches into the hull and glassed over with 3 layers of GRP (2oz csm) before being through-bolted with stainless steel bolts. Fairing boards. The ballast is a weight traditionally at the bottom of the keel that keeps the boat right-side up. , Ltd. It can be seen in the background as Olimar lands. e.

00/keel : Custom cut keels: $60. Mar 15, 2012 · In my opinion I think it would be best of all to actually do what the boat manufacturer did in the first place. Heavy Duty Marine Keel Roller, Yellow Average rating: 4 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings Current Price $23. The M8 bolt is prevented from rotating as the jack turns by a 3mm roll pin inserted through the threaded jack rod into the bolt. The problem must be pretty common, because someone has already packaged and marketed a repair kit for exactly that purpose. Jan 24, 2020 · Melt out each keel bolt, individually, and replace all of the old keel bolts one at a time with a new bolt in the same diameter and “J” shape using Silicon Bronze 655 Alloy. service - repair leaking hull; reset keel; install timber kit, mast plank, keel bolts; refinish coaming boards; bottom paint hull: detail hull, deck, interior Schmicker 1960's Rhodes 19 Keel Sailboat NY (9) Re: Keel Bolt Anchor Repair « Reply #5 on: August 14, 2011, 10:16:56 PM » The keel guide might not work and even if it does, you might be interested in a more "secure" alternative. However, if the bolts are subject to corrosion and or flexing we need a way to replace them at periodic intervals, just like standing rigging. Remove vermiculite filler from sump and bilge area as far as possible up under remaining sole. 8-Bolt Control Valve Seal Repair Kits. draft marks. It's free! 4 | Quattro Bolt Tenodesis Screw – Proximal Bicep Repair Surgical Technique Suture Cleat Anchor Insertion Step 9 Load the TRU-LOOP suture tails through the snare of the Quattro Bolt Tenodesis Screw (Figure 8). Use a wire brush to remove built-up crusting and debris. Dec 01, 2019 · We have a 3M kevlar keel protector running from just under the eye bolt at the bow all along the keel to just before the centerboard trunk opening. Repairs to the "False Keel" This page was last updated on 25 April 2002 : The first several years of Rhode Island-built Tritons have an added-on section at the aft end of the keel.

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. Dropping the Keel Keel Bolt replacement Rudder and Skeg Question for Anton( ref rudder) New Tiller Needed Keel Joint Acilles 9m keel bolts Keel Bolts/nuts - paint or not Removing Rudder 7m Internal keel plate replacement and bolt replacement Painting a Steel Keel Soft Skeg Is a keel count modification possible? 9m Skeg Broken rudder tiller shaft As you continue turning make sure the bolt is lifting. The entire rig including mast, boom , mast winches and standing rigging was replaced in 2014. Jun 25, 2012 · If you're looking for a short term fix, I would rake out the mastic fairing the keel to the hull and renew it - rather like repointing a brick wall - then reseal the nut assembly in the bilges. if the nut and stud turn together; then you have a broken keel bolt and you must haul out immediately for repair. Offshore 31 Stemhead Fitting Repair Submitted by Andy Laurence, with pictures of repairs : General Restoration Tips - Applies to many Cheoy Lee Models : Glass Tanks Issues Sikaflex, an elastic glue used for its anti-leak and bonding properties, was applied liberally to the whole of the top of the keel. Bottom, keel and rudder condition. The only drawbacks are the space taken inside and the price of the system The Catalina 25 is as well listed, on Boat-Specs. Will have standing rig replaced while mast is out. The water was from rebuilding my head pump (yuck). Use 1/2" or 5/8" diameter shaft for roller. The brass keel pin, installed new along with the bronze keel hangers and keel spacers only late last July, appear to be still in good condition. WAYS TO REPAIR KEEL BOLTS. 6 out of 5 stars 29. May 28, 2015 · By all means retighten the keel bolts.

Rolling 1708 dbm fiberglass fabric and epoxy on repaired area. The first bolt on the starboard keel was much shorter than the other two and would not tighten up properly. This is the description from Mars: “The bolt replacement process goes through these general steps: • The damaged bolts are identified when the keel arrives. They may just need to be re-torqued. Story And Photo By Tom Neale. Keels: Clear white ash, 5/8" x 11/2" x length to fit canoe tapered ends & bevelled: $46. Keel Off of Boat Keel Mounting Recess on Hull Keel Bolt Kona Keeless Keel Bolt Mounting Holes Under Repair Keel Bolts and Mounts in Bilge Jan 17, 2018 · Use a stiff-wire brush to clean off metal bits and filings. Cast iron 6-bolt and 8-bolt units are all available. The bolts that were holding the lower board (looked like mahogany…) to the underside of the step were stainless steel and were still in good shape. Engine coolant is circulated through the keel cooler, which transfers heat from the coolant before it returns to the engine. Whether it’s Caterpillar, John Deere, Hitachi, Komatsu, Case, or harder to find parts like Volvo, Linkbelt, Liebherr, New Holland, Yanmar, Kubota, JCB, or Doosan, we have the undercarriage parts you need to get back to work. 51° N, 82. Remove one at a time, replacing the previous one first. We have long experience of removing and refitting iron and lead keels from a wide variety of yachts. Chip Ahoy's fully-restored-in-2004 keel was a mess: The pivot hole in the keel was shot, expanded and elongated.

Ill also reinforce the bilge and stub with a few layers of cloth as its an Jan 10, 2016 · Slide your replacement roller shaft into the hole in the panel bracket. This is a two-stage process. CTA Honda Head Bolt Repair Kit - . Ensire all the old mastic is removed and the area is totally dry. Use 80 grit for finer shaping and smoothing. Depending on the options that you select, the Skidmore Wilhelm Model MZ can perform bolt testing on the following diameters: 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″, 1″, 1-1/8″, and 1-1/4″ bolts. Ideally suited for the keel of kayaks, it is also used on boats, canoes, jet skis, car doors, etc. Do I need to inspect other keel bolt compartment as there is no visible crack but sound during hammering is strange in some areas near keel bolts especially in front and aft bolts. Can easily be cut to fit your canoe. Keel Bolts Page of information on issues of pulling and replacing keel bolts on Cheoy Lees. A range of yachts were built by Butler Mouldings including the 24, 7. If the casting was cored with 1-inch pipe, it's likely that your Vs-inch auger is the tool to use, unless you've done a painful lot of reaming. Hi Michael, I have owned a 1980 Heritage West Indies 38 for a year. 70 - 14. Jun 02, 2013 · The bolts on the P26 go straight up from the bottom through the flanged part of the iron keel, through the hull and the large fiberglass/plywood keel plate, and the nuts and washers are screwed on the top.

com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service. Best Price Guarantee! Boat Trailer Tires, Galvanized Boat Trailer Axles,Trailer Hubs,Leaf Springs and Bunk Brackets A blog about small sailboat restoration, repair, maintenance and sailing. These should be replaced with open turnbuckles. Use 36-50 grit paper, either self adhesive or at- tached with feathering disc adhesive, for quick removal or general shaping. Keel panel material is 0. 32 $ 249 . Feb 12, 2019 · bbbp. I weld them back into position with a special lead alloy Product Title OTVIAP Boat Trailer Bottom Support Bracket with Keel Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $134. In this case the old bolts are left in place and new ones are added, by the process of "sistering". I will recheck this repair in two weeks. Keel Bolt Inspection and Repair. Winterization Service Includes: Stabilizing the fuel that remains in the tank Keep your boat protected from damage with Overton's great selection of keel rollers & keel pads. In May 2013 a Bavaria 390 lost her keel 650nm north-east of Bermuda while on passage back from St Maarten to the Azores. Due to the size of the crack in the fairing of the keel-to-hull joint that developed just in the last half of last summer, the marina service manager recommended checking the tightness of the keel nuts with a torque wrench and I, fed up with the speed of rusting since my de-rusting/paint treatment last year Full Keel Marine LLC. winch cable until the end.

These long tools can reach into the bilge so your drill can be above the cabin sole. EZ Loader manufactures custom and adjustable boat trailers offering galvanized, powder-coated, aluminum, wet-painted & Tuff Coated Polyurea coatings But the “top” side bolts show considerable wear, with heave rust to the point one bolt top is almost round and flattened. The keel was then ground into the correct shape and all I had to do was pay. I tightened the bolts to 20 lbs. Cut a PVC tube large enough to surround each keel bolt and epoxy it or 3M 5200 it around each bolt to keep the water out. As part of the arrangement we are also supplying genuine Old Town wooden canoe parts, hardware and supplies to canoe owners wishing to restore or repair their venerable Old Towns. Dico model 60 coupler repair kit (#35) 17-020: 4:80 x 8" tire c/w 5 bolt rim: 29-012: 4:80 x 12" tire c/w 5 bolt rim: 4" Keel roller: 23-004: 5" Keel roller The bilge keel version is rare and like other Westerly bilge keelers the keels can become loose with time if they are kept on drying moorings as the keels are splayed apart. We here at Dick Simon Yachts like to get things done the right way, saving you time, money and heartache! Catalina smiles are extremely common, and don't require extensive repair. There is a turning block at the forward end of the keel slot (inside the cockpit) with another block directly below it. com, in Fin keel, Wing keel and Tall rig version (see all the versions compared). Slip the 6 keel bolts thru the holes in the keel (the two 4" bolts go forward and the four 3½” ones, aft), and slip an "O" ring over each bolt. Both proposed leaving the existing bolts in place and just drilling 4-6 new ones in the same area to hold the keel on. The bolts on the starboard side came out without too much hassle. $81. If it is not, use your adjustable wrench to loosen the bolts that hold the keel roller in place.

Winches & Wind Inspect the boat's keel--the lowest part of the bottom--to verify that the keel is resting on the line of rollers in the center of the trailer. Assess. This unit weights around 21lbs versus the 46lb model MS. Keel Repair. 2 Efi Mpi Mercruiser 502 Mpi The keel has a wide flange at the top and 14 large flat head bolts are used to attach it to the hull. 18. You may prefer to cut off the splay plates Apr 26, 2017 · Carefully clean the inside of the well of the lifting mechanism, remove any seaweed and barnacles. The first year I owned G Marlyn, water got my carpet wet. Mar 15, 2016 · Signs that the keel was not removed, such as resin over the keel bolts or repair edges around the keel bolts, might be signs of inadequate ‘sticking plaster’ repairs. It has a fairly coarse thread so will lift fairly quickly. Please make this your favorite C30/309 bookmark. Bring the temperature of the steel bolt up to 750 degrees or above and drop the bolt into the hole. Mar 25, 2016 · This entry was posted in 2016 Re-Rig, Boat Projects, Videos and tagged give the gift of cruising, keel bolt torque specs, re-floating the keel seam, re-torquing keel bolts, stepping the mast, weeping keel repair. Drive around the car park or block to ‘settle’ the boat and re-adjust where necessary. Posted on September 4, 2017 by Webmaster Dec 29, 2014 · The first step in the repair is to enlarge the bolt hole with a 2532-inch drill bit, making room for the larger shoulder of the new threaded insert tool.

The dealer used it as a "show and tell" boat prior to my purchasing it and someone apparently leaned on, sat on, or bumped pretty hard on the table and cracked a tiny slit at the base on the cabin sole. Back to Repair, Maintenance & Hardware. The keel had pulled down a little so it was wiggling in it's sump. As part of the operation the mast also has to be removed because of stability problems when keel removed. Gene, owner of Port Gardner Sailboats sent me 3 1" bronze bushings that were placed in the pivot hole, held in by Jun 10, 2017 · And then there are cases of keel problems linked to botched structural repairs. The restored-in-2004 keel is looking tired already. While in the boat yard, I'm looking to perform the keel stub fix for my 1974 C27 and remove the plywood from the keel stub, rebuild with glass, then sister/window in some new 316 SS keel bolts (not lag screws) as prescribed by Catalina. See how close the post is to the aft end of the the channel? Bolt on skeg bearing is 4" O. Apr 23, 2009 · I'm in the process of selecting a repair solution for my Tanzer 26 keel. However, if it is damaged, it is normal to repair the bilge keel, usually under insurance. The keel is the bottom-most longitudinal structural element on a vessel. Our long relationship with Baltic Wharf boatyard enables our staff to work closely and carefully together, each with a clear understanding of what is required from their part The keel has two main functions: to keep the boat from being blown sideways in the wind (lateral resistance) and to hold the ballast. Much faster than trying to save them. My keel was repair by a previous owner and the rust was growing under the fairing. Rhodes 19 Repair Pix 09520.

May 28, 2007 · This is a group which allows you to upload photos and to take part or start discussions about Achilles sailing yachts. I would like to remove the bolt leaving the threads in the flange, otherwise I need to get the bolt out and drill the threads out of the CI. No one has reported any form of failure of the keel bolt. I have no idea what they charge for this. Made with black natural rubber. The distance of a ship's keel to the waterline is indicated by . 42. (Please refer to the attached diagram) May 10, 2013 · Keel Install on a Jeanneau 41 Deck Salon Sailboat By: Ian Van Tuyl at IVT yachtsales - Duration: 9:48. The bolts on that boat used split ring lock washers under the nuts. However, one owner chose to replace the bolt while he had the keel out of its housing. The basics are you support the board, remove the bolt, which will resist this with it's very life, repair the flanges and landing areas, replace the washers, then reassemble, probably with a new pin too. Jan 03, 2006 · The keel bolt accounting goes as follows: One was broken off long ago in a hurricane repair job from the '50's and was never replaced, I unscrewed 3, I sheared off 3 in the lead, and the two that pass through the deadwood (about 24" worth of deadwood) remain. Repairing the transom of the boat is a minor boat repair since the transom is the flat area located at the back of the boat. Thanks. The keel is removed: The yacht is carefully brought into the work shop for hull repair.

First the keel must be primed with a vinyl primer, such as Regatta Vinyltex 50/51 or Interlux Vinyl-Lux Primewash 353. [url]Hello, back again needing advice on keel bolt replacement major, or keel replacement. 000 Keel Bolt Forward w/ Washer & Locknut. Keel_Bolt_Repair. Below the keel, there was a false keel, also of elm and moulded 3. 580 E. Lifelines, stanchions and pelican hooks. We also have Bow Rollers and Bow V Shaped Stops that will mount into your winch post, which is the part at the front of your trailer that the bow of the boat rests against. A 36" piece of type 316 stainless steel threaded rod is included. Following this, a very soft mix of the L & L Resin/sawdust is poured/pumped in, but not to the fill point. It's structure is to list major systems or areas of the boat, with sub-menus appearing with each selection - just move your cursor over an area of interest to see the sub-topics availa Dec 01, 2015 · Evidently problems with the keel bolts had twice mainfested themselves prior to the yacht’s sinking in that a gap appeared between the ballast and the keel stub. One of the 3/4" x 4" flat head bolts has the strength to support the 6500# keel. Any of these scenarios can be a safety factor and a possible structural issue that must be addressed as soon as possible. 63 - $429. The keel is difficult to raise and lower with the present arrangement.

Bolt-in, metal valve stem is 1-1/4" long and fits through 0. Jan 11, 2019 · Generally, use of a good sealant is recommended for bolting of fiberglass structures as it reduces the extent of crevice corrosion on the bolts subject to this type of attack. Full A full keel by definition runs the length of at least 50% of the hull. That is where we drill and tap the keel for new keel bolts. If you still don't have rust since 2009 it's good news. Paul's explanation was that the keel bolt weeping of the aft bolt was due to the wicking of moisture from the keel sump through the chop fiberglass used in the manufacturing of that part of the boat. Remove the nuts from the keel bolts and protect the threads with two or three layers of duct tape. You can dip every bolt in "M5200" to make sure there are no leaks. Nov 01, 2019 · Sheared Keel Bolt Repair. com On the MKII all the keel bolts are visible/accessable accept for the two most forward- the teak sole must be removed. When external ballast is used, keel bolts attaching the keel to the hull must be accessible, and keel loading must be spread out through the floor system. 7” Standard “Y” Bolt on Adjustable Bunk Bracket. However, the current condition of your boat doesn’t suggest anything this drastic. To finish you will need an epoxy filler like Interlux’s interfill 830 lightweight epoxy filler (it is good stuff, I have used it a lot) then sand until fair, and coat with one more coat of epoxy resin. Nov 07, 2015 · This report is about how the C-22 swing keel lock bolt can do little to help the sailboat self-right in a knockdown and, in fact, contribute to a capsize.

Remove the 10mm bolts and replace with 12mm bolts then repair the splay plates. Most sailboats, or monohulls at least, rely on ballast to counter the forces of wind on the sails, so keeping a bolted-on keel connected to a hull is of the utmost importance. Source: Re-drawn after Martin. 79. When I tried one of the longer bolts in this position it became thread bound about halfway in, indicating thread damage in the keel itself. Since the bolts in the keel flange are welded from the outside, Buchanan and his team opt to leave them in place rather than destroying the flange by removing them. Restorers are also obliged to make all sorts of decisions as they go along. Boat Repair & Maintenance Keel Area Parts. This site's intended for private owners only. If when loosening a nut, if the stud turns with it, stop, squirt it with lube and re tension to recommended torque. 37 $ 23 . Click here for BIG-SERT oversized repairs p/n 2200BS How To Repair The Towing Eye. Replacing the Keel Bolts We started the keel project after our most recent haul out. Aug 07, 2018 · The bolt extractor is a left-handed coarse thread tool that screws into the hole as shown. No dealers please Trailer Repair Centre 235 Governor Road, Braeside, Victoria, 3195 Ph: 61 3 9587 - 3303 E: [email protected] May 18, 2010 · Smaller fasteners such as body bolts and screws often can't be saved.

Start it into the other side of the keel trunk and drive it (on the bolt head, not the bushing itself) until it is centered and has driven the pilot tool out. I can see the bolt clearly but the nut looks like a blob of rust. With a cordless drill and the Broken Bolt Extractor Kit you can remove your broken bolt problem. 5D &nbsp An example in this case is a keel bolt in such sad condition that I wonder whether it contributed anything at all to keeping the keel attached the last time this boat went sailing. The BLACK is representing the existing keel and rivets. Work step 11: May 09, 2014 · I would order some new bolts too if you drop that skeg bar because mine were corroded to the point that we just drilled the heads off and beat them in with a 3/8" bolt- heads were actually thinned out from years of electrolysis and corrosion and bolt shafts were thinning in places. Keel Bolts, Rudder stock, ect. After some basic sanding where the keel rested, we noticed some small stress cracks from the fiberglass on the hull adjacent to the keel, most likely due a grounding by a previous owner. Not only will your canoe arrive to the water safely, but you’ll get to spend more time on the water, making for many happy paddlers. rudder-repair. WALTER Keel Coolers. I was considering a Catalina 27 with a similar problem. Neither of these are being used. Full Keel. 05.

The cavity between the hull and the keel will then be filled with 5200 and the keel can now be retightened to the hull; before the 5200 is cured, the temporary bolts will be removed and replaced, one by one, with the permanent bolts, washers, and nuts, All the parts needed to repair and maintain your trailer including Keel Rollers & Assemblies, Keel Rollers & Assemblies, Keel Rollers & Assemblies from TrailerPartsDepot. Corrosion on a bolt’s surface creates a stress-raiser and can lead to the progressive propagation of cracks over time across the keel bolt sectional area at the point the bolt exits the keel and enters the hull (the area of highest stress). Fir plywood specially ordered from the Pacific Northwest is chosen for the keel-to-gunwhale hull. I will send pictures when the keel is remove. Ways to repair a keel There about 6 ways to repair your keel bolts. National Bolt & Nut 's selection of bolts is wide-ranging and able to suit most any requirement that you may have. May 23, 2016 · Their job is to keep the hull stiff in the keel area, so they should be attached very well. Dec 07, 2013 · Hole was egged out a least 1/2" bigger than rudder post. Keel Bolt. Can be adjusted to fit most standard trailer tongue sizes. I did see two more bolts a few inches apart through an access hole just under where the step fits across the seats at the compaionway. ) Think hard, and then bore two bolt holes, one at each end of the casting by way of core holes, through the wood keel, as shown in Figure 4-3. 32 Beneteau Keel Bolts • Iron Keel Rust/Treatment First 235 MARS Lead Fin Keel for Hull #235 • First 235 Beiley Lead Fin Keel Mk III First 235 Blister Repair Jan 30, 2008 · Then put a generous layer of Sikoflex on the keel and starting at the bow fit the new keel with S/S grade 316 self tapping screws. 61531. 453" and 0.

This design could only be done in iron: a lead flange would not have adequate strength in its flange. 3-1/2" Diameter 1-5/16" Wide Fits 5/8" shaft Add to Cart Smith 210 4 in. When this is so, squirt mastic between the hull and keel andalso all the keel bot holes too. 25x. You need to know what to do if this happens! I call it a myth because that claim is not made by Catalina Yachts in the C-22 literature and because the design of the so-called “lock” bolt So I'm thinking about budgeting for keel bolt replacement at the same time I haul/paint the bottom. Before opening Bottoms Up Marine Services, Joe worked as a travel lift operator and did boat repair as a side job. D so need another 1 1/2" to get the bolts to be in some good meat and not too close to the edge. Choose Options Getting the keel back in is another headache. Less than 1/3 of the bolts had any real strength left. We are a Full Line Yamaha Outboard Dealer offering a wide variety of Marine Services. The attached documents provided a description along with pictures of the repair. If only the nut turns then the bolt is OK. Dolphin during Olimar's crash landing, one of the ten found in the Distant Spring. The keel threaded rod ties beside each frame leg may now be reduced by 50% as there is little likelihood of any movement in the steelwork at this stage of construction. 6.

A long, ratcheting tap handle is also included. To repair this requires the keel to be pulled out. I have a small business called Keel Bolt REPLACEMENT AND REPAIR. 7 that has a damp front keel bolt (bolts are arranged in a 1,2,2,1 configuration). I have a method were I take the keel of the boat and take out the old keel bolts and replace them with new 304 stainless steel j shaped althread material. Varnished teak forehatch in front of the mast. The new epoxy mold shaped to keep the keel from moving side-to-side (looking aft). On the inside, the tops of the keel bolts raised another red flag - they were rusted almost beyond recognition. Oct 17, 2016 · The OP mentions "a repair is evident at the top of the keel bolts"; it would be very helpful to know what that really means – pictures would be great. Hard mount/bed keel to keel stub using high strength epoxy filler. Carefully turn counterclockwise and attempt to remove the broken fastener. Kato davit installation. Includes a 3-3/4" x 3/8"-16 mounting bolt. The keel is held on by studs and stainless nuts with locking nuts as well but I cannot find any recommended tightening torque. Thread starter Oscark; Start date Nov 1, 2019; Nov 1, 2019 #1 Oscark New Member.

) I lifted the forward end of the keel with a jack…just enough to take the pres-sure off the keel pivot bolt… and removed the keel bolt, which I discovered was Sep 14, 2016 · The combination of these bolts rusting away and the forces from an impact can cause the keel to actually fall off! If the keel falls off, you now have two very major problems. The bolt fixing holes were redrilled and the keel plates sealed with 2 pack marine seal before replacing the keels. Full Keel Marine LLC. Fit the flexible washer, followed by the steel washer and then the nut. 75 - 12. Additionally, if one bolt Adjustable Keel Roller Brackets (1-pair) Adjustable offset brackets mount on tongue for keel support. Out of stock. Unit is marked 51/133. Models from the HL2600 to HL6600 are equipped with full-length, carpeted bunks and two keel protectors. Table of contents 1 Introduction 1. This configuration provides an interesting draft / low center of gravity / upwind performance trade-off. Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Boat Support at the official West Marine online store. INSTALLATION RECOMMENDATIONS: First and foremost the boat transom must be properly prepared prior to installing the outboard motor bracket. Accommodations The LM32’s cockpit is sizable considering that canoe-stern boats usually have shortened cockpits. They splay on the keels is great for sailing but put great forces on the hull keels stubs, keel bolts and hull to keel bonding.

Save on our wide selection of repair parts, supplies and accessories. We recommend repairing all holes ALL 2005-2007 tC vehicles 2AZ-FE . Fitting over 10 different outboard motors, this Skeggard is top of the line. Yes it left the factory this way ! This galvanic soup was doomed to failure the day it left the factory. Rig . Apr 12, 2016 · Keel bolt repair is one of those mentally stimulating jobs, because no repair is ever the same, and a proper fix often require a bit of creative engineering. Steve D' Antonio. Oh well that’s boating! The keel was delivered back to the yard and it was time to reattach the (1) Bilge keel dropped off, a part of bilge keel ripped off, kinks in bilge keel The bilge keel is a member that does not need to conform to classification society rules. Now if your bolt is bent, things may be different. With the bolt-on keel you can detach her and freely work on her. Use polyurethane or varnish and apply several coats to waterproof. Product Title 1000Y 10 in. Our General process is as follows: Transporting the separated keel to our facility for repair; Melting away a portion of the casting to release the bolt; Defining the bolt material, if there is no information on file for that keel. DAGGER BOARD - for Super Snark, Sunflower and Sea Skimmer 8-1/2" W X 30" L X 1/2" thick, 2" W @ top A. You can literally exchange every last rivet with a bolt on your boat using this trick.

The keel is a large flat shape with a aerodynamic leading edge. - Duration: DIY Sailboat Swing Keel Removal and Repair parker dawson midship 26 - Duration: 7:11. Length is 11 1/2". 40. In two cases that came to light during our investigation, keel bolts were passed through holes in the hull that were I can’t remember precisely but I think I used to torque then to somewhere between 150 and 200 ft. I have found numerous other threads dealing See full list on craigmarine. Wipe clean with a solvent-dampened rag. Oct 21, 2010 · First on the list was to repair the bottom of the keel and smooth the underwater surfaces of the hull. 09530. I made lead keels for production and custom racing boats. The Catalina "smile" had expanded considerably and there was a 1/4in gap between the hull and keel. After it had hardened and the keel was lowered, the waxed paper removed, Tommy sanded and faired it. All the parts needed to repair and maintain your trailer including Keel Rollers, Keel Rollers & Assemblies, Keel Rollers & Assemblies from TrailerPartsDepot. Chris, I don't have centerboard details. Coat electrical system, battery tie downs and terminal connectors to prevent corrosion.

Gradually re-tighten the bolts so that the mastic starts to squeeze out a bit then STOP. The keel fairing makes the task of replacing the Mylar gasket much easier as the gasket only needs to be installed from the aft edge of the keel to the aft end of the keel slot. Jul 10, 2020 · Find Martin Wheel 5 Bolt Hub Repair Kit for 1-3/8 in. FAA Advisory Circular 43. Fill with epoxy ( longer working time would be better - it could be warmed up to a more runny syrup - then press the shaft back into the hole. Shop 12m 6x 24v Sealed on the internet! There is a retro fit available to repair the connection of the lifting cable to the swing keel. 55. Normally, if the keel is lead, keel bolts will be bronze and, if it's the right sort of bronze, they should be almost everlasting. Used by the U. Check this has been fitted; Early models had closed turnbuckles on the rigging which were prone to corrosion. The finished keel hung and ready to go. Check the threaded bronz bolt (3). Step 2: Remove as Much Rust as Possible While working on a car, I sprayed the bolt with penetrating oil and the manifold bolt still sheared at the flange. Also it is easier to remove the winch in order to change the cable than to try to change it with the winch in place. MarsKeel is a North American leader in keel bolt replacement for cast lead keels.

Rhodes 19 Repair Pix Mariner Repair Pix JC 9 & Stuart 9 Repair Pix 09530. Assemble the stainless pivot bushing on the 3/8" bolt, nylon bushings, and nut that were used to drive it out. 5 Powerseal Pipeline Products 3121 12 x 10 in. About 800 Achilles yachts were made in the 60's, 70's and 80's. We believe that she is now 'better than new' and is ready for many more years on a swinging mooring without problems. Toggle navigation. The only practical option is to drop the keel (see sidebar) and, if there is enough room in the keel sump, install a supplementary, or sister, bolt. It’s called a gate repair kit or turnbuckle kit, and it consists of a cable with corner […] Keel-mounted Mast Step for Columbia 8 1/2" x 5 3/4" Oval Mast Section: Col 8557M-KS: Cast Aluminum Mast Step for use with Columbia Yachts 8 1/2" x 5 3/4" Oval Mast Section. 8” Black Keel Roller w/Rod and Connector. Pull the snare ring from the proximal end of the driver to load the sutures into the screw. It is common practice on boats of frp construction to fit an inner liner or matrix which is bonded at various places to the outer hull. New Sep 18, 2014 · It all depends on the type of keel and boat and of course the extent of the damage to be repaired. In Pikmin 2, the place where this part is found was replaced by a small ledge that lets Pikmin » Keel bolt replacement, by martinc2 Fri Apr 24, 2015 11:14 pm » CM21 swing keel lifting system hardware Subject: steel keel repair Thu Apr 24, 2014 9:34 am: Hi, The only way they could determine that is if they drilled a hole through the fiberglass skin inside the bilge. The bolt holding the cable to the keel is likely to be rusted in. one end has nut in bilge, other end has nut at bottom of lead keel like in the pictures or is it maybe seperate rods - one cast into the iron fin and fixed with nut in bilge; and the other a rod sticking down thro the lead.

We cleaned the top of the keel and the hull to remove old sealant. NOTE: IF THE HOLE WAS PREVIOUSLY REPAIRED WITH A HELICOIL USE BIG-SERT. Lift the keel or lower the hull and repeat until 5cm to 7. dry out (very dry) your bilge and sprinkle talcum powder around likely leak points. Perhaps x-rays or other technology can also help. #Z3617. Verify, but I believe Catalina specifies 105 ft-pounds of torque. Skeggard is the original skeg guard or skeg protector with premium American quality. Salt water is very corrosive and will corrode both the keel and bolt threads. Set the keel rollers so that the bow sits slightly higher than the stern. It looks like an ordinary bolt, but is actually an amazing piece of equipment that can fix anything in a ship. Keel Inspection & Repair. If they drilled through it and probed inside and found it wet, then the keel stub needs to be rebuilt. Grounding damage on fin keels is generally in the form of deformation from impact, bending damage, twisting damage or cracking. Regards, Sipke Schuurmans.

Performing winterization service on your boat will save you hundreds of dollars in future repair bills! Plus, you will prolong your boat’s life, maintain the boat’s value and be sure your boat will be ready to go next season. 395 likes. I was looking for the best product combination for a long time rust protection. Jul 25, 2009 · If the bolt is "cold welded"like in exhaust manifold, screwed into the cylinder head. All chainplates and thru bolts tight. Often these are due to accidental damage, but we also repair osmosis. Click to Link to Our New Website. auto-style3 { font-family: Arial; font-size: small; margin-top: 1px; margin-bottom: 1px; } Specifically designed for Honda, Toyota and other imports Longer thread inserts Maximum  thread engagement For Honda B16 engines Size: 11mm x 1. I've talked to 2 boat yards who quoted between $1200 and $1800 to fix the keel bolts. 212. Windsurfing Base Parts: We stock the widest selection of universal parts from the smallest hardware to multiple types of universal joints to custom mast bases for 35 year old Mistral Superlight windsurf boards. General Care and Repair Tips Rotomolded Kayaks Care Our “roto” kayaks are made of high-density polyethylene, which is virtually maintenance-free. com (800) 628-1819 Email Us Main Menu It seems to me keel bolts must installed in such a way so that they can be inspected by removing them, or perhaps replaced a x year intervals. We hope you are keeping safe and healthy during these extraordinary times and would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their on-going business and support. pdf .

Our new boat has a newly rebuilt Atomic 4 gas inboard, new standing rigging, and a completely rebuilt keel sump and new keel bolt . Give me a call at 310 547 4604 at night or Email me at Nov 30, 2019 · Replacing keel Bolts and Repairing a 1930 classic Schooner. Wrap the lower threads of the keel bolt with plenty of ptfe tape. Keel Zinc Set for Cast Iron Keel . 4) The port deck beside the cabin had sagged, and there was a space under the window. Made from 5/16 painted steel, bracket is designed to be used with 2x4's in varying lengths. Removing the keel of a yacht can be a daunting prospect to the owner. Dropping the bunks to replace the boards was somewhat tricky. Bermudan sloop rig on an aluminium Z-Spars keel stepped mast. Mar 07, 2017 · The types of keel damage that I see here at MarsKeel Technology are grounding damage, frost damage and corrosion of keel bolts with grounding damage being the most common. New bolt pilot holes are drilled and new lag bolts installed. Q: How can you melt out the old bolts without impacting the shape of the keel? Failure of any keel bolt is bad, but most bolts are part of a massively redundant system, where the failure of any one bolt is rarely immediately catastrophic. Look closely at the keel bolts, nuts and washers. To ensure proper adhesion, you need to prepare the surface of the cracked The new bolts were made of 316 stainless steel, a grade used for corrosion resistance. You can tap the end of the roller shaft with a rubber mallet, if necessary to secure the roller.

8. This presumably ran the full length of the keel and was intended to save it from damage rather than Oct 22, 2007 · If you have already built and/or fitted the fixed keel, there are two possible solutions to strengthening the keelbolts:-1) Cut openings through the splay plates at the top of the keel to give access to the bolt heads. For a much cheaper but very robust keel band have a look at 'Water Bar' in a good builders merchant. One of our clients was almost duped by a shipyard in Newport into stripping and re-glassing their These are some repair and maintenance highlights from the year 2000 to the present 2006: Install new keel bolts Fabricate and install bronze frame splints Stem, and stem bolt repair. Apr 22, 2006 · Now onto re-installing the keel bolt. 10-Bolt Valve Diaphragms $70. installed with the windowing technique, not lag bolts. Stainless steel: The most common keel-bolt material in America is stainless steel. Stainless Steel Rubber Low Alloy Steel Ductile Iron and Iron Repair Clamp 11. If water ever spills over the top and into the small pvc area, just dab it out with a dry cloth. But I would be worried of additional issues like corrosion of the bolts causing leakage and/or possible failure of the bolts. to 1-1/16 in. Americana Metal, Bolt-In Valve Stem - 1-1/4" Long part number AM20906 can be ordered online at etrailer. keel bolts. 2:45.

If your keel does not sit parallel to the hull when full up, (verify your bolt is straight) your pivot hole is most likely worn. Further investigation revealed the keel was changed at some point requiring a waterproof repair where the keel bolt needed to be tightened vs a grid system embedded in the lead from the factory. After the keel and grounding plate are separated from the boat, we will clean the hull recess, inspect and repair and damage if necessary. Sail Tears. 15 inches. Drill resin filler away from aft two keel bolts with custom hole saw. Each Skeggard is built to fit perfect through a molding process of the lower unit. 00 per day Are the keel bolts on Hanse like a rod with threads on both ends (i. For boats that are hoisted, the failure of a bolt holding the lifting gear can be catastrophic and has the potential to lead to the loss of the boat, or much, much worse. If there is a depression around the washers and nuts, it is more serious and the following project may have to be duplicated. The M25 had a weighted centerboard keel like other trailer able sailboats but featured positive flotation, a low price, easy trailer ability and a comfortable interior with an enclosed head (porta-potty). $32. 6cm (2" to 3") of bolts are exposed. There is no way of checking these without lifting the boat off the keel. Cheesehead boating the Gulf Coast of FLA 27.

Phone: (309) 245-2343 Fax: (309) 245-2350 Email: info@gator-guards. 1. In this case, he would start with a small drill bit, then go to a larger bit until the hole is the size of the original bolt. Yacht Dealer in California 22,707 views We frequently carry out repairs on polyester yachts. Need a new boat propeller part? We've got lots! Great Lakes Skipper adds thousands of discount boat parts every month, including boat propeller shafts, marine prop seals, and propeller struts made by Bombardier Johnson Evinrude OMC, Four Winns, Mercury Marine, Suzuki, Wellcraft, Larson, Cruisers Yachts, Carver Yachts, and more top-notch marine Premier Ship Models, the leading source for model ships, boats and yacht models. On boats where the keel is part of the moulded hull then repair is possible but is dependent on cost as it could be a very exp Well I liked to tell you it's just simply tightening the keel bolts. The bolt was badly grooved by the cable. REPAIR-PIVOT BOLT. Or, You could clean out the hole that the shaft came out of - dig around with a coat hanger, long screwdriver or whatever, then vac & blow out the hole. Tighten the bolts firmly again. I have seen people that used an anchor shackle on the keel with a pre swedged cable with the boat in the water. North Kingstown, RI 02852. They just drill, tap, epoxy new studs in place doubling Apr 29, 2015 · Look at the condition of the keel studs and check for any weeping. Keel bolt checks; Bow Thruster Installation; Hull respray; Planking, caulking, stern tube; Repair and Restoration of Restless; Rudder repairs and re-builds; Works: Kebony timber deck; rewiring Dehler 34; keel bolts; More works. 68 $ 31 .

Top The important thing is not what the bolts look like in the bilge, but what they look like where they pass through the hull. You have to pull the pin and make repairs as necessary once you gain access. BR-PB-4. The boat also must be supported in such a way that there is room beneath the keel to extract the bolt. 300-026470 If an external cast lead ballast keel has been used, then all the fastenings, fittings, drifts, and the keel bolts themselves should be silicon bronze (Everdur), or monel. 10 in. " Hello everyone. Constructed of urethane material with UV inhibitors, the KeelShield works on fiberglass, most aluminum, and heat treated wood. Draw inspiration for your own projects as you watch shipwrights, pro boat builders and seasoned mariners tackle their own wooden boat repair and restoration projects. Has anybody ever had this problem or thoughts as to what is wrong please. 2. 4) and putting in lag bolts. Maine builders and repairers of traditional fiberglass boats since 1982. PSAK-47 Bolt Head Repair Kit - 7778164. TIMESERT ® Toyota Thread Repair Kits: This is the only kit approved by Toyota! P/n 2200 Kit Approved by Toyota / Scion for cylinder head bolt repair.

Built in the United States this Mercruiser Outboard Skeggard (Skeg Guard, Skeg protector) is made from high-quality stainless steel to help protect and even repair the damaged skeg on outboard motors. auto-style1 { font-family: Arial; font-size: small; } . This is dismaying to many, because stainless steel suffers rampant corrosion when immersed in stagnant seawater. It is the seventh cruising sailboat I have owned in 33 years of sailing. Rhodes 19. This page covers a range of issues connected with the keel. 56 - $584. IVT Yacht Sales, Inc. Starting at the top, use an wrench to loosen the bolts holding the keel roller in place, lift the roller so it is touching the boat and retighten the bolt. Keel panel repairs may be accomplished in accordance with U. Catalina 30/309 Boat Owners Association 2001 Hall of Fame Inductee and C309 2005 Boat of the Year! We hope you will find everything about the Catalina 30 and cousin C309 on this site. The yard is suggesting that we "sleave" the suspect bolts basically cutting a larger hole in the hull, and screwing in something over the suspect bolts that will substantially connect the good upper and lower parts of the bolts. All Rights Reserved. We carry brass, silicon bronze, stainless steel, and galvanized fasteners in flat head, oval head, truss, pan, and round head styles. CE Smith Boat Trailer Rubber Keel Roller End Cap CE Smith keel roller end cap fits standard brackets and shaft sizes.

sometimes it wont come out being that the bolt "became part of the cylinder head. Many of todays modern mass produced boats have bolt on keels which are laminated onto the hull. Air Conditioning, Compressor, Crankshaft Parts For Sale. B. Mount with 3/8" diameter bolts. g. Specialties: Marine Repair and Maintenance Established in 2008. The central cast-iron ballast keel is flanked by two galvanised steel bilge plates ½” thick. Give the metal about 15-30 minutes to cool off. To make sure your keel doesn't begin to corrode again, you must completely isolate the surface of the keel from the bottom paint with an epoxy barrier. Varnished teak handrails and vent boxes with chromed dorade vents new in 2013. Check for other more obvious leaks, including the plumbing, to eliminate them before tackling the bolts. Dec 02, 2008 · Keel bolts can be replaced, but depending on who does it (say, a boat yard with a labor rate of $75 or $100 per hour) you will pay close to, if not more than, $8200 to have them replaced. Boat Cleaning Supplies All Stainless Complete Circle Pipe Bolt Repair Clamp 13. We checked our progress often, and stopped The Broken Bolt Removal Extraction Kit allows you to remove a broken bolt and salvage the original hole threads in minutes.

BR-S-7Y. Now that it's all dry and the keel is firmly attached, you can put that glass tape on around the joint and fair it. Quantity: Add To Cart. The Catalina 30 sailboat came with an external lead keel bolted to the hull with stainless steel bolts. com Nov 10, 2012 · I would also recommend using anti-sieze compound on the threads to get an even torque up, and assist you to remove the keel in the future for service or repairs. So my thinking is to pull the boat in Autumn and replace all the bolts (for piece of mind) and rebel the keel. Choose Options. 00. If the holes are corroded then drill oversize, re-tap and install the larger size studs. Dec 21, 2009 · A keel balances a monohull in the water. This is a pretty simple step, just make sure you have an appropriate diameter bolt to "test fit" while the epoxy cures. Clean stub and top of lead to prepare for rebedding. Military, Wal-Mart Fleet and many other fleet and maintenance shops. Catalina 27 Keel Factory drawings Original construction and maintenance/repair recommendations. Jan 11, 2019 · Keel bolt thread pitch identification and effectiveness of thread repair dies I have been tasked with identifying a thread on a large sailboat keel stud.

Hull & Keel Protectors - Since 1998, iboats is the most trusted water lifestyle online store for boat parts and accessories, boats for sale, and forums. I have gotten some great advice from everyone here in the past and am hoping that you can help me now. keel bolt corrosion: keel bolt corrosion: keel bolt corrosion: Crumbling steel mast step: Propane solenoid: Corroded shaft: Closeup of shaft at left: X-ray of pinhead size pit in stainless steel: Steel tiller arm on composite rudder shaft: steel tiller arm on bronze rudder shaft: Bronze prop shaft: Bronze, stainless and steel: Chinese bronze Boat Propeller Shafts, Struts and Seals. 63 $ 134 . I’m happy to say that I’ve now got an experienced sail tailor I’m working with! No more turning away ripped sails, saying I can’t do that… of the keel and drilled down through a few of the vacant bolt holes to register the template's location. Mar 30, 2013 · The keel bolts on this boat are pretty badly rusted, and the very aft most bolt appears to be directly under the Perkins diesel engine. Dont have another pic but the top view on this thing looks like Swiss cheese. Its important to fillet below backing plates with Marine Tex in order to provide a level surface, and prior to inserting the new keel bolt, coat the upper three-fourths with 3M 101 sealant. This way, I will be able to remove the bedlogs in the future if they need replacement or repair. Most companies just cut them off and then weld a new threaded top bit on. Closed circuit freshwater cooling extends the life of every propulsion, generator and auxiliary marine engine Boat Trailer Bunks & Keel Pads - Since 1998, iboats is the most trusted water lifestyle online store for boat parts and accessories, boats for sale, and forums. After the keel had been put in place, while the bolts connecting it to the hull were being tightened on the inside, excess Sikaflex from between the hull and the keel was cleaned away on the exterior. lbs. (we don’t recommend this method), we do all these ways of keel bolt repair, but we think that the best way is, to sister in new keel bolts. Keel panel replacement must be performed at the factory in a jig.

Loosen the bolts on the wobble roller mounting brackets then adjust the rollers so they sit snugly against the hull. Some of the bolts, I had to torque by feel becuase of limited access. Jun 10, 2017 · It wasn’t the first case of its type, however. 00/keel It can be understood that as the keel area is a boxed in section, one needs to think out the order of the work to make the application of the reinforcing as easy as possible. 125 Rubber - 1 1003475 Keel Roller Spacer Kit Keel Removal Jason Schmidt wrote. We made replacement bolts in our forge and had them galvanized. Disassemble winches and lubricate bearings and pawls. Lowest Prices for the best tire inflation and repair from Americana. Once the weight is off the keel bolt, it should slide out OK. Ellis This describes what Bob Field (owns 1993 First 21. This is a nuisance, but harmless—unless water in the joint has reached the keel bolts and corroded them. 3) Keel was cracked from the improper trailer setup, and was very rough. Oyster undertook a repair the first time (it seems they simply tightened the bolts, which were not torqued to spec) and reportedly did not acknowledge the problem the second time it occurred. Cast iron keel, stainless steel J-bolt and mild steel nut. To finish, simply use a wrench and back out the steel bolt from the hole.

Both titanium and MP35N are highly recommended fastener materials for this application. Drain and flush fresh water system. Inspect bolts carefully to assess any corrosion damage. Four new stainless bolts from Catalina Direct and Locktite were used to fasten the hangers. One thing to think about. Next, shipwrights removed the keel bolt nuts and then Rybin lifted Peacemaker off the cradle, which was plenty sturdy to handle the two-and-a-half ton lead keel left in the cradle. Genuine OEM Part # 90105-960-710 RC Item # 1617345 Alternative Part Number(s) Join Repair Clinic's VIP email list for 10% off, plus Product Overview: Skidmore Wilhelm Model MZ The latest lightweight design for bolt tensioning is the Skidmore Wilhelm Model MZ. The pivot bolt for the keel is 5/8 and the hole in the keel is 11/16 The side force is not supposed to be on the bolt. A keel cooler is a closed circuit cooling system mounted externally on the vessel’s hull below the waterline. KeelEazy Strips are easily applied to fiberglass, polyethylene, thermoformed ABS and metal surfaces and can be molded over compound curves with the use of a heat gun. 025-inch thick, 2024-T3 clad aluminum sheet. After this was done they poured molten lead into the hollowed out area of the keel. At the aft end it is supported on a steel strop. When replacing the bolt use plenty of sealant to stop any water ingress. Anodized, Rectangular Mast Step is 11" long x 6 7/8" wide and attaches to Keel with (4) 1/4" bolts in 1" long slots.

The boat was built 1985 . Repair. Rot Repair to Inaccessible Wood in Engine Mounts FREE Shipping Over $100. The holes in the timber flanges are drilled oversize by a calculated amount then thickened epoxy is poured into the holes, gluing the bolts in place. The building process and the construction fulfilled the CE-seaworthiness Classification of category A (ocean), in the version Lawn Mower Bolt 90105-960-710. Step 1 - Dry the Boat Re: Best way to repair rust spots on my cast iron keel. To remove the keel, install braces to support the keel in an upright position. That’s how you repair a thread faster and stronger than a Helicoil thread repair. #D2289. Cost A long pin (e. charge about $150 per keel bolt to replace it plus traveling expenses. Check that the nylon bush is in the centre of the keel attachment mechanism (1). As usual, the torque sequence should start from the center and work your way towards the ends, tightening in 3 passes up to the fial torque value. Vernon Farmington, IL. « Reply #1 on: June 01, 2020, 09:21:38 PM » Well, generally when I get hauled every year and come spring to do bottom painting my entire keel is one 2200lbs of rust.

Screws and Bolts are what holds the marine industry together, literally. | Website designed by Tinsley Creative 1 1 1001786 Rear Keel Roller Assembly 2 4 1002599 Washer Flat 3/8 SS 3 4 1001788 3/8" x 3/4" Button Head Socket Cap Screw - 1 1006595 Keel Roller Assembly with Hardware 4 1 1001776 Front Keel Roller Assembly 5 1 -- ShorePort 58" x 138" 7 4 1000613 Washer Flat 3/8x1. Several types: countershaft, split shaft, power shift and front mount applications as well as air, cable, lever, or electric shift PTO options include: over-speed controls, flanges and shafts for direct or remote mounting to hydraulic pumps, product pumps, and mechanical drive uses. Aug 25, 2015 · Siren 17 keel bolt washer R&R. Enter Part Reference Number to View Details Selden Eye Bolt M10 x 112mm Put a wrench on each keel bolt and apply moderate force. keel bolt repair

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